Mexico International
LGBTQ+ Film Festival

October 26-30, 2022


The Mexico LGBTQ+ International Film Festival (¡Goya Queer!) is a nonprofit organization of general interest that CONNECTS WORLDWIDE FILMMAKERS [who make LGBTQ+ themed movies] WITH A WIDE AUDIENCE FROM NORTH, CENTRAL & SOUTH AMERICA, while also fighting against homophobia and discriminations towards LGBTQ+ youth.

¡Goya Queer! is a cinematographic event also known as The Mexico LGBTQ+ International Film Festival, where talented directors from around the world come to Mexico City to present their work.
Indeed, we believe that art, culture, and films in particular, can help bring public awareness on sensitive matters such as love and its various forms of expression.

We value creative expression and cultural diversity, yet we don’t agree with the term of “community” as specified by the general LGBTQ+ code.
We believe the world should be united, not divided into communities.
We appreciate dialogues and differing opinions, and we do not tolerate harassment, discrimination, or abusive behavior, such as offensive comments related to race, ethnicity, nationality, citizenship status, gender identity and/or expression, sexuality, physical appearance, religion, ability, age, or economic background.
Like the Dalai Lama XIV said “We will never make peace with ourselves if we can't be at peace with the world around us”.

Mexico International LGBTQ+ Film Festival
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The point is not so much to show "the latest films that have never been screened in another festival before" (even though most of our selection is both recent and exclusive).
LGBTQ+ films generally find their audience mainly in niche festivals [where the audience is mainly the LGBTQ+ community itself].
¡Goya Queer!, on the other hand, intends to offer to a wider audience some high-quality films [creatively, technically and intellectually], which will both captivate the viewers and help them to think out of a box.
Just as it is not necessary to be heterosexual to appreciate action movies, we are convinced that love stories (which are often at the center of LGBTQ+ cinema) are universal and speak to all communities, insofar as the characteristic of every human being is the desire to love and be loved.

Mexico International LGBTQ+ Film Festival
October 26—30, 2022
Mexico City
Submissions by locations
We received more than 1200 films from all over the world (84 countries). We have selected the best 50.

United States 103, Brazil 97, India 77, Mexico 71, France 59, Spain 52, Iran 44, Argentina 43, United Kingdom 42, Italy 38, Germany 35, Canada 27, Philippines 19, Greece 18, China 18, Turkey 17, Netherlands 13, Peru 11, Chile 11, Taiwan 10, Portugal 10, Israel 10, Belgium 10, South Africa 9, Nigeria 9, South Korea 9, Indonesia 9, Sweden 8, Russia 8 (disqualified), Austria 7, Venezuela 6, Colombia 6, Switzerland 5, Serbia 5, Hungary 5, Hong Kong 4, Egypt 4, Denmark 4, Australia 4, Ukraine 3, Tunisia 3, Poland 3, Panama 3, Pakistan 3, Czech Republic 3, Syria 2, Puerto Rico 2, Norway 2, Myanmar 2, Morocco 2, Lebanon 2, Cuba 2, Bolivia 2, Bangladesh 2, VietNam 1, Tanzania 1, Sri Lanka 1, Slovenia 1, Slovakia 1, Paraguay 1, New Zealand 1, Namibia 1, Malaysia 1, Luxembourg 1, Japan 1, Ireland 1, Iraq 1, Haiti 1, Guatemala 1, Georgia 1, Estonia 1, Ecuador 1, Dominican Republic 1, Croatia 1, Costa Rica 1, Cameroon 1, Bulgaria 1, Benin 1, Belarus 1, Armenia 1, Andorra 1, Albania 1, Afghanistan 1

The world has bigger problems than same-sex love.
Let's go back to the basics of respect for all sex-divergent identities.

Celebrity testimonials

Felix Mallard
Isak Danielson

FRANK, student


« You make a mistake if you think that we gets up one morning thinking "lets become gay or trans, that way we will be beaten and insulted, and our families or friends may not speak to us again".
If we had the choice, we would choose a heteronormative life to be at peace with society ».


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